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Re-Tire Model A Basket

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Product Description

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TRI-FLY.COM is proud to be the first on-line store to carry Re-Tire Disc Golf Baskets.

The Quality recycled tire baskets.

Going Green
Re-Tire’s Mission Statement:

•Re-Tire is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet and Disc Golf through reducing consumption, waste and pollution.
•Re-Tire is committed to reusing what we have, and recycling everything we can for the good of our environment.
•Re-Tire vow to do our part to keep the World clean of clutter and debris, and to live life to the fullest with our family and friends.
Re-Tire offers 3 Basket Options

These baskets are durable and built to last. We use recycled tires which are inspected for safety and strive for almost no waste in materials.  All baskets frames are made of steel conduit  and can be ordered in most basic colors.  The top and bottom post are black steel pipe which is rust resistant.  We made a bubble style number plate to help prevent damage to the discs.  The baskets are double chain constructed and yes they catch great.  It also comes with a stand with four 6 inch spikes that are hammered into the ground which supports the basket nicely. Optional permanent stands for public courses.

Full Size Basket
PDGA approved Class B. These baskets are built by hand and have features you will not find anywhere else. The spike stand allows for quick installation at home or on a course, or you can hang the basket. Optional locking ground mounts also available for public courses. Designed to be portable, easily broken down so that all parts fit inside the tire and easily into a trunk of a car.

The Sure Shot
This Mini basket will improve your putting skills. It catches full size discs great and is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Everything is used, even the rim to make a custom stand that comes with it.

The Double Stack
This combo says it all. You get two baskets in one. Remove the stand from the Mini and slide the post into the top of the Full size and screw it down.



Due to size and color choice it will take 3-5 business days to leave the factory

If shipping cost are less do to your location TRI-FLY will refund some of the shipping cost.





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